You Can Create Worldwide Impact & Forge Change

Link arms & put positive pressure for change on
ourselves and our organizations.

Maria Marin_Photo Avatar

Maria Marin, Australia

“The passion, authenticity and caring leadership are the engine and the north star of this amazing group.''

Joachim Stengel_Photo

Joachim Stengel, Germany

“Powerful and creative ways while keeping everyone aligned.''

Cynthia Bennett_Photo

Cynthia Bennett, United States

“Forward thinking, creative, and driven for change with a vast understanding of Psychological Safety.''

Babarinde Olayode_Photo

Babarinde Olayode, Nigeria

“Together we are striving for a more inclusive future for all. This for me is not a job but a collective mission: Count me IN!''

Kasia Vincent_Photo

Kasia Szymankiewicz, Poland

“Thanks to Vanguard Voices I see my own workplace through a new lens. Thank you for giving voice to those who feel silenced and speaking out on unacceptable behaviours.’’

Isabelle Hoet_Photo

Isabelle Hoet, Belgium

“It means a lot to me to be a part of this global movement. For me, mutual trust is a must, as much at work as in life.’’

Link arms with us & put positive pressure for change on ourselves, our organizations and society.


Anonymous - I'm Motivated

“I know that this group can move mountains. I've seen enough at work. I'm motivated for change.''


Anonymous - I'm Unhappy

“There is so much politics in my team - I am often awake at night wondering what to do next.''


Anonymous - I'm Hopeful

“Vanguard Voices gives me so much hope. There is so much opportunity when we unite our stories and voices.''

Scared Avatar

Anonymous - I'm Scared

“I need Vanguard Voices. My manager says I can no longer ask any questions during team meetings. I can only talk to him alone. I don't understand and now I'm scared .''

Frustrated Avatar-1

Anonymous - I'm Frustrated

“If you challenge the status quo in my company, you are told 'you don't respect all the work/effort others have put in'.... How can I address this? I also need Vanguard Voices. ''

Lost Avatar

Anonymous - I'm Lost

“I have attended a lot of meetings talking about culture / transformation and new ways of working. However we still suffer from very abusive, hierarchical behavior. Help?''