Shared Commitment to a Collective Vision 

A global movement for psychological safety promoting a collage of individuals with diverse facial expressions.

We are the global non-profit network focused on bringing psychological safety to the top of workplace agendas.

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Our Why: To inspire people to activate and live out their unique purpose,
so that every one of us can do our part in creating a more beautiful world, together. 


Therefore we are building Vanguard Voices to create a new model of workplace culture where psychological wellbeing is prioritized and ensured through mindsets, policies and practices. To do this we need to change the rules of the game. We are mobilizing collective action to address the critical challenges of our workplaces.

We are a new and evolving movement,
learning as we go, in collaboration with you.

The Power Behind Our Movement: Our People

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The Principles We Hold Deeply:

Unwavering Integrity

Infectious Passion

Relentless Courage

Positive Collaboration

Uncompromised Authenticity

Who We Do Not Serve:

We are not an angry protest movement.

We do not ‘name and shame’ individuals nor organizations.

We do not serve those perceived to have a vendetta against their place of work.

Please contact your local legal services if you are in need of specific assistance.

A young man using a laptop in front of a global movement for psychological safety.


You can contribute in various ways and create a positive impact.

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