My Name is Quiet, Unsung Hero

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October 2022

Jessica Bensch
Jessica Bensch

I am hardworking, conscious and diligent with my work - and get positive feedback from my peers.

However, in meetings I have a quieter voice. In the interest of time and objectives, I do not feel the need to always share my views when the same has already been said by others.

But I observed that the ones who are the most vocal about their positions and themselves are the ones who get the next project. I see that promoting your own work, and talking about your own achievements seems to get you a long way. Sometimes these same people take credit for others ideas and work too. If you have visibility, you have opportunities. If you do not, you fall through the cracks.

I see people who name drop and who have behind-the-scenes conversations - they label these conversations as “stakeholder management”. As a project manager,I know the difference between proper stakeholder management and self interest.

My manager has also encouraged me to‘’increase my visibility’’. I wonder if these are the unwritten rules at work.

Do I have to promote myself to become more visible to progress my career?