My Connection to Work - Diminished

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October 2022

Jessica Bensch
Jessica Bensch

When I first joined my company I had the impression that I joined one big family. I would walk around the campus and people greeted me, there were smiling faces everywhere. My department was lively, passionate about what they were doing and believed that they can truly improve patients lives.

There there was the first reorganization. That was the big dip for me.

Not only did we lose friends/colleagues, I realized that the work we passionately did for the last years could suddenly become worthless.

My connection to work, to the company and even to some people started to diminish. With every reorg (one after the other, again and again), I became more discouraged and more demotivated. I really tried to go back to the same level as before, but it's hard to go backwards when I start to see the same actions taken again and again. It's a shame - this is not how I would like to be. I want to be fully committed, to deliver my best with all passion.

But if I get too involved, I know I will get hurt. I know I am not alone. People have advised me that when reorg decisions are made it has nothing to do with your skills or background - no matter how stellar they are.

Are we not going the extra mile to fight to keep our talent? Yes, these are 'business' decisions, but can we not do more to help?