More Time to Share Ideas

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October 2022

Jessica Bensch
Jessica Bensch

I belong to a great team of more than 10 people. Not only are we colleagues, we also regularly meet after work for drinks/social
events. There is a positive atmosphere and wonderful camaraderie amongst us.

I also really appreciate my line manager. I just wish I had more time with him. His time is extremely limit, often rushing from one meeting to the next. 2-3 weeks can easily pass without seeing or speaking with him. I do not feel that I get sufficient time to share my ideas and thoughts. He does appreciate feedback and he proactively asks for feedback. But then goes back to rushing to the next meeting.

My impression is that there is a lot of work on his shoulders, pressures from his leaders in this time of departments reorganizing. I also sense that people feel the need to showcase their work that much moreduring these uncertain times - showcasing work on what is perceived to be the most strategic initiatives. People are afraid.

People are reluctant to speak-up. On the other hand I do see positive change - it's happening at a slow pace. There is some transparency with decision-making. Minutes are shared and group leaders share the big picture.