I prefer to lose 1 poor manager than 5 great colleagues

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October 2022

Jessica Bensch
Jessica Bensch

When my manager was promoted into a new position, I became the team lead ad interim for 9 months. Although I was asked to take the role full-time, I did not assume the position because I worked parttime (3 days/work). As lead, I was expected to be 100%.

A replacement was found. We were a team of 5. The new lead began to display negative behaviour. He did not want to listen, nor
get a better understanding of the team's processes. He was distant, very critical. He gossiped about others. I had to cry sometimes.
I finally found the courage to speak to my department head about the situation. She spoke to every member of the team to understand the situation fully.

In the end the manager was let go. She said to me later, 'I prefer to lose 1 poor manager than 5 great colleagues.'