Do we legitimize poor behaviour when we do not call it out?

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October 2022

Jessica Bensch
Jessica Bensch

I'm proud to work in my company. We have an established name, a legacy, a brand that is so amazing especially from the outside. We
also have the privilege of being able to attract the best and smartest minds to continue this legacy.

On the other hand, from the inside, what I see is people having to navigate through a lot of politics and the weight of decision-making. I sometimes wonder how we can bring in these great minds only to stifle them in what can often be a convoluted, very hierarchical, political environment.

At times, people's career progression is blocked because of other people's fear of being threatened by them. People protect themselves and their positions and do not allow others to progress. It's sad really as these people often tend to leave to new
environments where they and the ideas they bring can flourish. If we continue this trend, what will this mean for my company in the next 5-10 years seeing as the world is a rapidly changing place?

I wonder whether we legitimize poor behaviours when we do not call it out because we are afraid of damaging our own careers. We
need to create an environment where people genuinely feel more free - and less worried about the impact on ourselves. We need to
be more secure in who we are. Imagine how much better we would be.